01-16 Duramax Cat Fuel Filter Housing

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The BMP Cat Fuel Filter replacement kit for your 01-16 Duramax is a must when running an aftermarket frame mounted or intank lift pump! Completely eliminates the poorly designed factory fuel filter housing that is prone to leak especially when you add fuel pressure.


  • Better filtration
  • Fixes Leaking Housing due to added after market lift pump pressure
  • More Affordable fuel filters
  • Retains WIF Sensor

Kit Includes

  • Filter Head
  • Cat Fuel Filter
  • JIC Fittings
  • Water In Fuel Sensor and wire adapter

* this kit is to be used only with an after market fuel pump

*NOTE: This product is solely intended to add better filtration and durability to your truck, this is not a "Performance Part" and adds NO fuel flow or horsepower to your vehicle